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30 Year Fixed Rate Conforming Mortgage 3.5%
15 Year Fixed Rate Conforming Mortgage 2.625%
5/1 ARM Interest Only 3.15%
FHA 30 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage 3.625%
VA 30 Year Fixed Rate Conforming Mortgage 3.625%

Negative amortization loans that provided several payment choices have been discontinued.

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Mortgage Rates Bad Credit Ok - Lender offers affordable loans with FHA, VA, USDA and more.

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  • Fixed rate payment
  • Interest Only Payment
  • 30 year payment

1st Time Home Buyer
Purchase your dream home with No Money Down! Qualify for loan up to 115% of the purchase price of your home if you plan to remodel or rehabilitate.

HARP Mortgage Rates
If you have a negative equity loan owned by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, you may qualify for more reasonable fixed interest rates with the HARP 2.0.


Home Mortgage Rates

Mortgage Rates Plus publishes the current mortgage rates for refinance rates, and home mortgages for applicants seeking fixed, interest only, conventional, FHA on today's mortgage interest rates posted daily. We can help you lock in the best mortgage rates with lower mortgage payments and more interest rate choices. Mortgage Rates Plus offers a discount on today's mortgage rates for refinancing loans, 2nd mortgage and jumbo purchase loans.

Fannie Mae and FHA recently came together collectively to increase loan amounts temporarily in an effort to aid homeowners in affordability with higher loan amounts and fixed interest rates. Home mortgage rates remains low for conforming loan amounts, but jumbo rates continue to be penalized, especially for mortgages that exceed $750,000.

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With mortgage rates inching up after recent 40 year lows, now is the time to Lock into a low rate loan! Don't wait until mortgage rates rise again- Let us find you a lower rate now. Take advantage of this FREE lending service notifying you of low mortgage rate quotes with no obligation.

Take advantage of today's historic low mortgage rates and put to use the cheaper financing to pay for home improvements, new business, debt consolidation, or just get cash. We will connect you with you with 3 lenders who can help you find you the loan that's right for you, even if you've been turned down before.

If you are self-employed or are having cash flow worries consider a mortgage with a minimal payment option. So now is the time to get the right home loan for you!

Mortgage Rate Plus offers info about home mortgages with all types of documentation. We offer the traditional Full Documentation loan, Stated Income loans and the No Income No Assets options.

The mortgage market is constantly changing. It is important that you review your loan obligations with a financial advisor at least once a year to see if the changes in the industry could benefit your monthly payments. You can significantly reduce your monthly payments by refinancing at a lower rate, and at the same time you can even get cash back in your refinance loan!

Find a Lender for a Low Rate Refinance that fixes the interest rates for 30-year terms.

Mortgage Rates Plus offers a simple online application so you can request the best mortgage rate and apply for a home loan. Let the banks, brokers, and lenders compete for your business by offering you the lowest mortgage rates and best terms. If you need mortgage assistance and guidance for current mortgage interest rates, please call us anytime.

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Mortgage Rates with FHA
Forgiving Underwriting with credit scores not being part of the approval process. Mortgage rates with FHA ensure competitive rates and reduced fees for new home buyers and borrowers with bad credit.

1st Mortgage Refinancing
Consolidate your credit cards debt with a low rate 1st refinance with cash out options. Qualify for low FHA mortgage rates up to 97% of your home's value.

2nd Mortgages
Check out our 2nd mortgage rates from lenders like Citi, SMO and Nationwide. Qualify for another loan that gives you money at a discounted interest rate.

Lines of Credit
Take advantage of the flexibility with low minimum monthly payments and a reusable credit line with line of credit up to 100% of your home's value.

Recent Mortgage Rate and Financial News

According to the Washington Post, Mr. Bernanke and the Federal Reserve have made significant efforts to harness home mortgage rates in an effort to stimulate borrowing and jump-start the economy.

According to Freddie Mac, lending costs have been inching up as mortgage interest rates have been falling. There are still no cost opportunities for applicants with high credit scores and time to shop for the right lenders.

Fox Business News reported that last year the index for 30-year mortgage rates was at 3.53% and last month the 30-year rates dipped to that level again. This has created another surge in refinancing activity for lenders across the country. The fixed 15-year mortgage rates dropped another 15 basis points, to 2.78%.

Average U.S. rates on fixed mortgages ticked up for the third straight week, staying slightly above historic lows. According to NBC News, the availability of low mortgage rates has stimulated sales on houses for most of the year. Home prices have risen, mostly because the supply of residential properties has diminished while sales have increased. According to a survey by the National Association of Home Builders, builder confidence is at its highest level since March 2007. This is good news, as most anticipate that this could spur construction.


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