Fixed Rate Loans

With home mortgage rates at their lowest levels in 40 years, the time to acquire a fixed rate loan is now. Lock into a low rate loan! Don't wait until fixed mortgage rates rise to a point that is out of reach for your budget.

Let us find you a lower fixed mortgage rate NOW.

Take advantage of this FREE lending service with no obligation.

First time home buyers should take advantage of today's historic FHA mortgage rates on a government insured home loan that only requires a .5% down-payment. Getting cash to make home improvements makes sense because loan payments couldn't be any lower. We will connect you with you with 2 to 3 lenders who can help you find you the loan that's right for you, even if you've been turned down before.

Mortgage Rates Plus offers a wide variety of home loans for every borrower. You'll find everything you need to know about each type of home loan and its advantages here. Or, if you'd just like us to help match you up to your best choices based on your preferences.

Thirty-Year Loans - Ask a MRP loan officer about the current 30-year mortgage rates on fixed loans. Home loan payments can become more affordable by extending them over a long period of time. It also provides maximum tax-deductible interest, because it is stretched over 30 years.

15 Yr Fixed Rate Home Loan - the payments may be higher than a 30 year or 20 year home loan, but the rate is lower. The 15 year loan also saves considerable money on total interest paid over the life of your loan & Builds equity in your home faster.


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