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Mortgage Rates Plus posts current mortgage rates for 30 year fixed, FHA, refinance, purchase and interest only payments for consumers searching for lower interest rates and more payment choices. We offer discounted mortgage rates for government, conventional and jumbo home loans. 30-year mortgage rates are not going to get any more affordable, so if you wait to refinance your ARM rate loan until it reaches the adjustable payment period, you may pay dearly because the interest rates are forecasted to have several increases over the next few years. Mortgage Rates Plus doesn't want your low rate loans to be a thing of the past.

Borrowers with little or no equity may need to consider the FHA loans because the interest rates are so much lower than most sub-prime mortgage rates. If you are having cash flow worries consider an interest only loan or a hybrid ARM, because the mortgage rates are so much lower for the initial period. So now is the time to get the right home loan for you!

Fixed Traditional Home Rates
FHA Home Mortgage Rates
30 year conforming* 4.125% 30 Year FHA purchase 4.125%
15 year conforming 3.625% 15 Year FHA purchase 3.75%
30 year Jumbo 4.875%    
15 year Jumbo 4.625%    
Fixed Intro /ARM Rates
Fixed Intro /ARM Interest Only
5 year fixed conf. 2.875% 5 year fixed interest only con. 3.125%
5 year fixed Jumbo 4.125% 5 year fixed interest only jumbo 4.5%
  • Excellent, Poor, or Fair credit accepted
  • Our mortgage lenders offer the lowest rates in the business
  • Home equity rates as low as 7%
  • Option ARM rates start at 1.5%

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* Rate Prices above are for 30-day rate locks. Rates are subject to change and rates, APRs, and closing costs can be ascertained from the loan officer.

Recent Home Mortgage and Financial News

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